The Big Draw 20th Birthday Appeal -ClimateOfChange

The Big Draw 20th Birthday Appeal -ClimateOfChange

April 01, 2020

The Big Draw (Campaign for Drawing) is now 20! In 20 years it has never been in receipt of revenue funds & relies on donations & our model. In 2020/21 our theme 'A Climate of Change' will focus on the relationship between people & our living environments & ecosystems & encourage Drawing for All.

The Big Draw is an arts education charity which uses 'drawing' in its broadest possible sense, as a starting point to encourage people to get involved in creative activity as consumers, producers, advocates & collaborators-'drawing for purpose' as well as supporting health & wellbeing. In ever challenging times the charity continues to innovate to survive- and thrive -but we need your help & support to achieve this and reach out to build the drawing community.

The charity has always consistently punched way above it's weight & contrary to outward perception has always been run by a tiny but passionate team. Currently 4 part time staff. We want to continue to encourage everyone to draw-to support their creativity & wellbeing. Drawing cuts across all boundaries of culture,race,class-it is accessible & open to all. We want to help showcase mindsets & actions that proactively support positive symbiosis between people & the Earth in these challenging times.

We are aiming to use our 20th anniversary year as a call to action to encourage as many people - young and old - as possible to get involved in this year's festival - coming together in their local community to make a difference with climate change & rapid environmental change. We are seeking to raise £20,000 to use for the following:


  • £3,000 – New Blog series throughout the year focusing on innovators, climate change & health & wellbeing
  • £2,000 – Team time on outreach to Teachers, Schools & provision of art materials at specific CPD events werun
  • £5,000 – Team time on creating new content, digital resources & media to engage new audiences
  • £5,000 – Towards digital & website upgrades & maintenance as our window to the world
  • £2,500 – Towards outreach & encouraging new organisations and bodies to get involved in the festival
  • £2,500 – Towards marketing & PR

The campaign period is quite long - 10 months in line with our year round programme, so gives us the flexibility to gauge how fundraising is progressing and scale down activity if needed. If we exceed our expectations, this will enable the team to create new resources, reach new audiences and develop new partnerships and help build on our resilience and sustainability as a small unfunded charity.

We will lend our own voice to help increase awareness and understanding of the emergency situation unfolding across all ecosystems. This universal language of drawing is the perfect narrator helping to document, report and share thinking around the seismic shifts taking place in our society. We will be able to better publicise & raise awareness of our work through the creation of new resources & content. We will be able to reach more of those isolated at home with creative digital options.

To support our campaign then visit our Big Give Page here. Any donation, large or small would be amazing and help us grow and continue for another 20 years!