Drawing: It Makes You Think

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Drawing: It Makes You Think shows how drawing can be used to support learning in secondary schools. Most importantly, it argues that different kinds of drawing promote different kinds of thinking. It identifies the types of drawing that students use, and explains the varied purposes drawing serves. It concentrates on the idea of drawing shaping the learning process, rather than on drawings that result from the process of learning. Commentary is based on feedback and discussions with teachers and students. Key messages are that drawing can contribute importantly to the learning process, and that it can also be a product, evidence of a struggle to understand, of attempts to explore or communicate ideas, information, thoughts and feelings. 

The book can be used by teachers in a range of subjects to consider the part drawing can play in supporting learning across the curriculum. It can help as a discussion document for teachers and students to reflect on how they use drawing, particularly how it enables them to think in different ways, to communicate and to be creative. The illustrations show a wide range of drawing by secondary students. 

More information on The Campaign for Drawing's Resources and the Power Drawing Book series can be found here.

This book is part of  our special offer Secondary School Bundle!

The Secondary School set includes: Drawing: It Makes You Think, Power Drawing: Lines of Enquiry, Power Drawing: Space and Place, Drawing: A Tool For Design, Drawing On Experience: museums, galleries and science centres.