Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller 'TPO (tree preservation order) and consumer growth' - Etching and linocut


Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller

TPO (tree preservation order) and consumer growth


Etching and linocut

24.5 x 24.5 x 2cm


Artist Statement:

'Living and working as a printmaker in York, I create multi-layered prints by carving out lino and etching zinc plate with nitric acid.

My subject is the urban landscape - how we process, view, experience and analyse it, especially when different environments intersect.

Local farmland is currently being developed into a shopping centre.  Since graduating in 1994, I have been observing and recording the evolution of the area from open fields to construction site and the 'soon to be' completed shops.

I am producing a series of pictures about the site, showing the many stages of change of land use from rural to urban. These images will form an important set of historical documents, presenting to the viewer a continually evolving landscape.

The techniques and materials that I use to produce these prints capture the ideas of technological change and development. My multi-plate prints incorporate zinc etchings - a 17th century printmaking technique - to capture the early stages of development, relief printing - popular in the 18th century - for the later stages, and laser-cut plates and photopolymer to capture some of the most modern nuances of the new landscape.’

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