Ian Chamberlain 'Fort III' - Etching


Ian Chamberlain

Fort III



75 x 65cm

Artist Statement:

‘My work is influenced by manmade structures, reinterpreting them as monuments placed within the landscape.  They are devoid of people, meaning that the architectural scale can no longer be based on the physical measurement of the human body.  I am interested in the use of a traditional print process such as etching being used to record subject matter that is generally at the cutting edge of technology for its time. 

My aim is to represent and interpret the form and function of these objects, simplifying their complex structure.  The prints are constantly being reworked and scrutinised, giving them an existence of their own rather than being perfectly re-produced images.

They represent monuments of their time and serve as a visual historical document; the forts are rusting away and without considerable restoration will eventually fall back into the sea.’