Start With Drawing

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The purpose of stART with drawing is to encourage children to enjoy drawing in a range of locations for different purposes, then to use their drawings as a basis for developing art and design projects through a variety of media. 

stART with drawing describes 10 projects intended for teachers, it is not a how-to-do-it set of recipes or prescriptions. The illustrations are not examples of finished projects. Instead, they show ideas in development of pupils 6-11 years old. It offers a framework for teachers and pupils, with suggestions and advice they can build on and adapt to their own needs. 

This process, from drawing to extended project work, is relevant to many aspects of the curriculum. Here we place a special emphasis on art and design. We usually think of this as making artworks using shape, form, line, tone, texture, pattern and colour. It is essentially about making meaning. 

More information on The Campaign for Drawing's Resources and the Power Drawing Book series can be found here.

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