Serena Smith, Dendokron (2015)


Serena Smith      

Dendokron (2015)

Artist's Book: Hand finished stone lithograph images, off-set lithography text.   

28 x 23cm           

Limited Edition of 35, signed and numbered by the artist        


Dendokron is a collaboration between artist Serena Smith and writer Lindsey Shaw-Miller.  Far from one being illustrative of the other, the poems and images were generated by a series of brief encounters.  Serena Smith’s recent series’ of work on the themes of Labyrinth, Hodegetria and Psalter inspired the ideas for the poems, and the images in Dendokron are a further development in kind.  What might be held in common is an interest in the encroachment of abstraction into reality; the coexistence of obscurity and clarity in reaching for a direction; and the presence of myth and belief in the layers of our lives.