Chao Wang ' Walk with Me, still no. 1429 ' (2019)
Limited Edition Print of 10 exclusive to Ruskin Prize Editions
C - Type Print on Fuji Gloss 246 gsm paper 
50 x 90cm
Exclusive limited edition print of still from Chao Wang's prize winning digital video 'Walk with Me' (2018)
John Ruskin Prize Student / Recent Graduate Award Winner 2019
From the Press Release (15.07.19) announcing The John Ruskin Prize 2019 winners:

The Student Prize winner Chao Wang’s memorising digital video ‘Walk with Me’ is an exquisite display of the poetic potential of digital art. The work alludes to a post-apocalyptic world, void of colour and navigated by the viewer as if taking a relaxing stroll in the countryside. It warns of a world, where nature is a distant memory, the calmness of the stroller in this world of tar at odds with the viewer’s fear of such a place.

In his prize acceptance speech Wang commented:

            “Its such an honour to win this prestigious award, especially as in my home country being an artist is an impossibility. Being part of The John Ruskin Prize exhibition ‘Agent of Change’ and indeed winning this incredible accolade is an honour – this is a show that criticises power, the impact of human action and the devastating consequences of human inaction”.