David Borrington 'The Questionable Sinking of The Olympia 1912'


David Borrington

The Questionable Sinking of The Olympia 1912


Copperplate Etching

94 x 65cm

Limited Edition of 25 signed and numbered by the artist


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Artist work statement:

The official history of the sinking of the Titanic does not completely make sense, there was a sister ship called Olympia which was launched two years before the Titanic. Unfortunately it was hit by a First World War USA destroyer and her back was broken a death warrant for a ship.

However it carries on sailing for another 30 years, there was a time of one week where both ships were moved in and out of the dry dock several times and the Olympia had slight modifications to look more like the Titanic.


There is a lot of information which you can read on this but there is no actual proof either way on which ship actually sank on that dreadful day.