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Build a Skyscaper - Paul Farrell * Display copy without cellophane wrapping

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*Please note, this box comes without cellophane wrapping, which was removed for product shooting, hence the discounted price. Item is complete*

Do you wanna build a skyscraper? Check out these beautifully designed cards by illustrator Paul Farrell, who has created 64 cards in a variety of graphic designs to help you design the skyscraper of your dreams!

Each pack contains 64 cards (105 x 69 mm) with clever paper engineering, allowing you to slot the cards together, building up and out in whichever way you like! There is also a booklet, with descriptions of the key elements of a skyscraper and suggestions of how to build your masterpiece. You can go traditional or get abstract and construct your own crazy high-rise!

 A fun, educational, creative gift for all!