Maggie Hargreaves 'Changing space II' - Charcoal on paper


Maggie Hargreaves

Changing space II


Charcoal on paper

150 x 220cm (unframed)

Original drawing

Artist Statement:

‘I work with drawing, print, sculpture and installation to explore the constantly shifting space where we interact with the natural world we inhabit. Here, built structures encroach on natural environments, but as those structures are no longer required and become abandoned, the woods reclaim what was taken, creeping back and re-establishing territory.

The level of detail and large scale of these drawings invite viewers to enter and explore the space. Concurrently, as the drawings are approached, the image dissolves and the materiality and process are established; the artifice of the image construction is revealed as a piece of paper with handmade marks, pinned to the gallery wall. Drawing and erasing with charcoal reflects the transient shifting nature of the relationship between people and their surrounding living environment.’