OKIDO magazine bundle - Issues: 28 - Plants / 29 - Machines / 30 - Holidays

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The Big Draw Shop is pleased to present these exclusive, discounted bundles of the brilliant OKIDO magazine!

OKIDO is the arts and science magazine for children aged 3-8. It's the perfect treat or present for all children with an inquisitive nature. Each issue presents many activities all centred around a different theme and is illustrated beautifully by many international artists. This magazine is perfect for children to enjoy alone or, for the younger readers, in company with other family members: grandparents, parents and siblings. All ages will benefit and enjoy the wonders discovered through each issue of OKIDO and include: regular stories, puzzles, colouring, games, making, poems, doodles, recipes and experiments.

Regular artists include: Paul Noble, Rachel Ortas, Maggie Li, Alex Barrow.

Okido is published six times a year. Each issue usually costs £4.00.

Printed on FSC paper using biodegradable vegetable ink.

You can subscribe to Okido here: www.okido.co.uk

Bundle 28 / 29 / 30 - This bundle includes OKIDO issues on the themes of plants / machines / holidays.