Philip Sanderson 'Nowhere' - Woven tapestry


Philip Sanderson



Woven tapestry

57 x 163cm

Artist Statement:

Nowhere was originally produced for Can Art Save Us?, an exhibition inspired by the ideas and insights of critic, author, artist and scholar John Ruskin (1819-1900), who was arguably ahead of his time in his recognition of the environment as a finite resource.

Ruskin’s environmental theories, in terms of imagery, connect with my own interests in landscape imagery. The title for the work was inspired by a section of a quote from Ruskin’s autobiography Praeterita: ‘At last, the tree was there, and everything I had thought before about trees, nowhere…’  The title also relates to the original image from which the design for the tapestry was taken; a photograph of a landscape whose location has been forgotten through the passage of time.

The tapestry is a continuing series of works that uses the parallels between the structure of tapestry weaving and a pixelated image as the basis for the translation of photographic images into hand-woven tapestry.’