Roanna Wells 'Diamond Jubilee, Buckingham Palace 2012' - Hand embroidery on wool


Roanna Wells

Diamond Jubilee, Buckingham Palace 2012


Hand embroidery on wool

110 x 140cm

Artist Statement:

‘My practice explores ideas of contemporary drawing and mark making through the use of intricate hand embroidery techniques. By using stitch as a drawing tool, I work from images of mass gatherings in social, political or religious context, and through this technique I am able to give time and meaning to the individuals depicted.

I am interested in exploring the connection between the use of hand stitch and the subject matter, and passionate about keeping the boundaries between contemporary drawing and textile art fluid.

By using rigorous systems to plan, create and record the laborious nature of my work, I am also interested in conceptualising these processes as a visual representation of the time spent in production.’