Sarah Taylor-Silverwood 'Digbeth'


Sarah Taylor-Silverwood



Ink, pencil and oil paint on various papers

40 x 62 cm (unframed)

(Price framed)

Artist Statement:

‘My practice is grounded in drawing, narrative and landscape.  I weave historical material and forms around imagery from contemporary popular culture, creating layered, intertextual narratives.  The use of inexpensive materials and references to mass production provoke further thought around the value of the image and its craftsmanship. 

In this series of drawings, the individual’s experience of the city is alluded to through references to Baudelaire’s essays on the flâneur and to Batman’s Gotham City.  The architectural idealism of ink on tracing paper is contrasted with references to a dilapidated comic book world. New interpretations of drawing emerge, questioning its value and use as an art form.’