Sonia Stanyard 'Pylon D602-F' - Oil on canvas


Sonia Stanyard

Pylon D602-F


Oil on canvas

120 x 120cm


Artist Statement:

‘I am inspired by the natural world and by the process of painting.  My images are hauntingly beautiful and enigmatic with muted palettes that blend seamlessly into one another.  My paintings operate between realism and abstraction - they can look almost photographic in detail, yet on closer looking reveal a clever interplay of light and shadow, the bare canvas in one corner, small dried rivulets of dripping paint, tiny dots of unexpected colour or swathes of varnish.  Gradually, the viewer is encouraged to look with a degree of contemplation and concentrated looking and enter into another world. 

In November 2007 I was awarded a residency at the Vermont Studio Centre, USA - the largest residency programme for artists and writers in the US.  More recently, I have been a finalist in several competitions, notably the 2011 Salon Art Prize at Matt Roberts Gallery, London, the 2011 Arte Leguna Art Prize, Venice (which culminated in a solo show), and Nurtured Landscapes in Venice, 2012.  In 2012, I was the winner of the Door Prize for Painting.  My work is shown in several galleries in the UK and abroad, as well as residing in many private collections.’