Sue Lawty

Earth Materials (2017)

Book (artist's work)

ISBN 978-0-9550990-4-5   

Paper 112pp       

230 x 165 mm                                  


"A rich, image lead publication detailing key elements of the artist Sue Lawty's work since her residency at the V&A over ten years ago. 

Designed by Pentagram, 112 pages reveal the passion, the ethos and the creative process: source material, closely worked sketchbook pages, studio shots, works in lead and linen, and stone drawings both intimate and large scale including the 17m long piece '240,000 Stones' commissioned for Scarborough Hospital.

Forward by Jack Lenor-Larsen: designer, researcher, author and curator for over 60 years. He founded LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton, New York.

Essay by Emma Crichton-Miller: arts journalist and writer, and regular contributor to the Financial Times and Apollo Magazine."