Teresa Robertson 'Dying'


Sold Out

Teresa Robertson



4 page zine, produced on 80gsm paper

A3 folded to A4

unlimited edition


Artist work statement:

‘Dying' is a short graphic story presented as a 4 page zine telling the autobiographically inspired story of the artist’s mother's dying process.

I’d been illustrating for a wide range of clients for over 30 years when my mother needed to be admitted to a nursing home.  In the same week I was commissioned to illustrate a leaflet on Abuse in Care Homes. ‘Dying’ seemed to evolve from those two consecutive events: I felt compelled to write the strip to try to make sense of the experience. It was one of the saddest, most challenging years of my life, yet my mother was managing to make us laugh as she opened her heart and showed her vulnerability. It felt like we were switching roles – I became her mother, she my child. For the previous two years she had been constantly and frustratedly harping on about wanting to ‘close the chapter’, yet when she was finally in the nursing home and bed-ridden, the urgency of this (unintentionally hilarious) death wish seemed to fade away, and the four months she spent there seemed to prepare her to accept her demise.

Teresa Robertson